In 60 seconds to the personalized video message, which customers convinced connects people conveys values sells performance appreciates employees gives joy !

  1. Get started directly online: no software or app required
  2. Add attachments to message and share via convenient link
  3. Starting at 49€ per month – can be cancelled online at any time

talkindly connects people worldwide - no matter
whether in
Munich Lisbon New York Zurich Frankfurt Milan Moscow or at home!

With talkindly you can reach your customers, colleagues, business partners and employees all over the world! Create your personal video message in just 60 seconds or 6 clicks and share it via email, LinkedIn, Facebook or WhatsApp.

  1. Start now online – no software or app necessary!
  2. DSGVO compliant: We value the security of your data!
  3. Use webcam, smartphone or screen recording!

With talkindly you create your video message record your screen present your services save your videos use password protection share your message ,
conveniently from your smartphone in 60 seconds.

Numerous features help you create an exceptional and unique user experience for your recipients! Customize your messages to your own corporate design, protect your videos with password protection or use our unlimited online video storage.

  1. Add PDF files and more to your video message!
  2. Password protection: you decide who can watch your video!
  3. Your videos are stored online at no additional cost!

One tool, numerous application possibilities!
With talkindly
to the perfect sales video! to the ideal product presentation! to the pitch that no one forgets! to the customer relationship 2.0!

“Our goal is to reinvent digital communication – in a time when video is part of everyone’s everyday life,” says CEO and Founder Carolina Waitzer herself about talkindly.

Webcam, smartphone or screen recording

Record your personal video message in just 6 clicks with your webcam, smartphone or screen recording.

All information in one central place

In addition to the video, you have the option to present important file attachments such as PDF files (pitch deck, FAQ, etc.) via talkindly.

The right pricing model for your hotel your restaurant your agency your office your team your practice !
Your monthly or annual license can be cancelled online at any time.

49€| / mtl. %entspricht 588€ pro Jahr §Einzelanwender
Testen Sie die talkindly Standard-Edition 14 Tage lang kostenlos! Sie können Ihr Abonnement vor Ablauf der Testphase jederzeit in Ihrem Kundenkonto kostenlos kündigen.
+HD (720p) Aufnahme
+Unbegrenzte Videos
+Videos bis zu 180 Sekunden
+Eigenes Branding nutzen
+Erweiterter Text-Editor
+Eigener Call-To-Action
+1 Benutzer inkludiert
+Self-Service Support
|Dateianhänge und Präsentationen
|Eigenes Tracking (FB, Google)
139€| / mtl. %entspricht 1.668€ pro Jahr §KMU Unternehmen
Testen Sie die talkindly Pro-Edition 14 Tage lang kostenlos! Sie können Ihr Abonnement vor Ablauf der Testphase jederzeit in Ihrem Kundenkonto kostenlos kündigen.
+Full HD (1080p) Aufnahme
+Unbegrenzte Videos
+Videos bis zu 10 Minuten
+Eigenes Branding nutzen
+Erweiterter Text-Editor
+Eigener Call-To-Action
+3 Benutzer inkludiert
+Self-Service Support
+Dateianhänge und Präsentationen
|Eigenes Tracking (FB, Google)
499€| / mtl. %entspricht 5.988€ pro Jahr §Für Unternehmen
Testen Sie die talkindly Enterprise-Edition 14 Tage lang kostenlos! Sie können Ihr Abonnement vor Ablauf der Testphase jederzeit in Ihrem Kundenkonto kostenlos kündigen.
+4k UHD (2160p) Aufnahme
+Unbegrenzte Videos
+Unbegrenzte Aufnahmelänge
+Eigenes Corporate Design
+Erweiterter Text-Editor
+Eigener Call-To-Action
+10 Benutzer inkludiert
+Eigener Ansprechpartner
+Dateianhänge und Präsentationen
+Eigenes Tracking (FB, Google)

Questions about talkindly and the usage the prices the functions ?
In the FAQ section you will find answers!

talkindly is equally suitable for all industries and companies that place great value on personal communication with their customers. The countless areas of application enable almost any company of any size to make innovative use of talkindly.

  • Hotels use talkindly for pre-arrival customer communication with their guests by sending each guest an automated talkindly video message telling them about the hotel and the conditions.
  • Catering establishments use talkindly to keep their new customers and regular guests constantly informed about the latest weekly menus and dishes - of course directly as a personal video from the chef himself.
  • Personnel departments use talkindly to be able to give applicants an impression of the company before the first interview and offer them the opportunity to get to know the company before meeting in person
  • Coaches and trainers use talkindly to provide important information and training session password-protected to their course participants and consulting clients
  • Physicians and therapists use talkindly to provide detailed information about individual treatments and procedures to potential clients and patients, while offering personalized value.

The best thing about talkindly: All video messages consist of a simple link! This means that you can integrate your personal talkindly videos into your existing system at any time by simply storing the link.

In practice, this means that you simply integrate the link to your talkindly message into your existing funnel and send it to your customers and prospects. Possible use cases for this could be:

  • Integrating a button / link into your pre-stay emails as a hotel for your customers
  • Integration of a button / link in your booking confirmation as a restaurant for your guests
  • Integration of a button / link in your PDF or PowerPoint presentation as a coach or trainer
  • Integration of a button / link in your automatic email, which applicants receive from your HR department

talkindly is also different from its competitors because you don't need any technical requirements to use talkindly.

  • You can use talkindly conveniently in your web browser via your desktop PC or smartphone.
  • Talkindly requires no custom software, browser extension or app.

Ultimately, you don't need any technical knowledge for talkindly, as there is no complex setup required at all, as is the case with other solutions.

Upload your video or record one, give it a title and share your page - conveniently as a link via email, LinkedIn, Facebook and all, other social networks.

Your talkindly messages are available as long as you have an active talkindly account. If you decide to cancel your talkindly account, your messages will no longer be accessible.

Good to know: However, we do not automatically delete your data and messages. That means you can always access your data, videos and messages again if you should renew your subscription again.

Of course, we will completely and totally delete your data and videos if you wish to do so.

All your data is stored and processed securely and encrypted on servers within the Federal Republic of Germany. talkindly complies with all requirements of the European General Data Protection Regulation and places the highest value on the security and integrity of your data.

Yes, cancellation is possible at any time!

You can cancel your talkindly subscription simply and easily in your customer account. The duration of our subscriptions is 1 month each and renew automatically if you should not cancel your subscription.

Did you know? You also have the option to change your tariff at any time. This is also easily possible in your personal customer account.